Thursday, January 1, 2009

About me, and about the game

Smokin' Guns is intended to be a semi-realistic simulation of the Old West's great atmosphere & was developed on Id Software's Quake III Arena Engine. Here is the official website of the game:

I'm known as Joe Kari on this forum, and on game server.
I'm french, that's why I speak english so bad ;)

I contribute to the game with a map named Alamo and with various other stuff like md3 models, textures (but in fact that's my brother that made 90% of them), shaders, and some piece of game-code too.

I will try to post some tricks and explanation that cover: mapping (with GtkRadiant), texturing (with Photoshop), md3 modeling (with Misfit Model 3D, developpement version), and shaders engineering (with... er... notepad lol). Few things are really undocumented, so I propose to share with you the results of hours of headach.

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