Friday, January 23, 2009

Using far-clipping part 3

List of all clipping form

In all the following example, "a" and "b" are arbitrary integer.
The first integer "a" always affect the most general setting of the form, while the seconde integer "b" (if any) affect an alternate setting of the form. If the form has x, y and z variations, the second integer "b" (if any) is always a distance along this axis. For example, "box_y 128 256" means 128 along x-axis and z-axis, and 256 along y-axis.

Forms that have X, Y and Z axis variations are only explained for the Z-axis one, but it is easy to figure out how does it work for X-axis and Y-axis variation ;)

The left part of each image is for the side view, the right part is for the top view.



ellipse_x, ellipse_y, ellipse_z

box_x, box_y, box_z

cylinder_x, cylinder_y, cylinder_z

cone_x, cone_y, cone_z

pyramid_x, pyramid_y, pyramid_z

circle_infinite_x, circle_infinite_y, circle_infinite_z

square_infinite_x, square_infinite_y, square_infinite_z

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